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The Living Schools Lab provides various Continuing Professional Development opportunities for teachers. These CPD "snacks" can be short Twitter discussions, practitioner-led webinars, or topic-specific webinars. Find the snacks here below and sign up!

Upcoming events

Dissemination webinar:

  • Webinar: Findings of the observation visits, interim report, February (date to be defined)

Topic-specific webinars led by LSL schools:

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Continuing Professional Development (WP5)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important element in the project. The WP5 is led by DGE (Portuguese Ministry of Education) and its objectives are:

  • To identify, leverage and, if necessary, adapt existing training and continuing professional development (CPD) materials for use by practitioners in the network.
  • To provide CPD support to practitioners in the network.
  • To develop a new CPD course on how to mainstream innovative teaching and learning practices and develop a whole school approach to successful ICT implementation.
  • To investigate whether a pan-European accreditation scheme can be put in place for teachers in the network.

In practice this is carried out through a CPD analysis, workshops for network teachers and development of a Future Classroom Lab course. There are also important links with all other parts of the project, specially the school pilots and the observation activities.

Analysis of existing CPD courses

This task will involve a survey of participating MoE in order to identify existing CPD courses, modules and materials that can be of benefit to schools and teachers in the Living Schools Lab network, matched to the ICT audit of schools and teacher competences carried out in WP3 and feedback from the workshop for 24 teachers from Advanced Schools. The survey data was collected in May and the results will be available in July 2013.

Ongoing professional development for LSL teachers

The Living Schools Lab network puts a great emphasis on the professional development opportunities given to the teachers and head teachers within the network. This involves both online and offline events. During the full duration of the project there are online webinars and learning events organised to present inspiring examples and to support more effective use of ICT. Also, two initial face-to-face workshops have were already organised in January and April 2013 for Advanced Schools and Advanced Practitioner Schools. In total about 90 teachers took part in these workshops. There will be also a conclusive event, Summer School organised in summer 2014 for the AS and AP. This two-day event will consolidate and reflect the results on the project and plan for future activities. 

The Community of Practice (CoP) has also a key role in the CPD. It is the meeting point where schools are sharing their best practice, methods and innovative ideas. The CoP is used also as a space for debate and a communication tool where the online events (workshops, meetings, webinars, etc.) are announced.

Creation of a CPD course for teachers

One of the tangible objectives will be to develop a CPD course for teachers. The course will be aimed at examining in more detail some of the best practices showcased in the Living Schools Lab network along with a range of the strategies that schools have adopted in order to mainstream innovative use of ICT and to develop a whole school approach to ICT implementation.

The course will be developed based on evidence gathered during the project: the telephone interviews, link observation visits, CPD analysis, ICT audit, workshops, and focus group meetings. An initial version of the course will be piloted with a small focus group of about 6 teachers during a workshop held in the Future Classroom Lab. A second version of the course will be piloted with a larger group of teachers during a project summer school. Final modifications will be made following feedback obtained from this event and to reflect the findings and recommendations in the final report on the link observation visits.

The aim is that this course will become part of the regular Future Classroom Lab CPD course programme after the end of the project and be delivered as both a face-to-face workshop and an online webinar.