Geroskipou A': An example of sharing best practices within the LSL network Geroskipou A': An example of sharing best practices within the LSL network

Geroskipou A' is a Living Schools Lab primary school located in Paphos (Cyprus). This Advanced School has truly benefitted from its participation in the LSL project, both sharing and upscaling their own teaching methods within the network. 

Skevi Demetriou, the school’s lead teacher in the project, has played an important part encouraging teachers to participate. She completed her PhD at the Graduate School of Education in the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) in 2011. She is also a researcher in the area of Education with ICT and Neuroscience. 

According to Skevi, the changes in technology over the last decade have widened the horizons for learning in Geroskipou A’. “We have ‘flipped’ the traditional classroom. Information is not only in students’ textbooks, it is everywhere and our pedagogical approaches need to acknowledge that. The emphasis is now on skills and competences”. 

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LSL: Showcasing and learning

Skevi highlights the key role of teachers in fostering the process of embedding the use of technology in teaching and learning across the whole school. Projects as Living Schools Lab provide inspiration and support to ICT pioneers. “LSL has helped Geroskipou A’ to gain insight in what other teachers across Europe are doing do embrace technology at school”, she describes.

The school received the Best Kit prize during the LSL Summer School in May 2014. The kits are step-by-step guides developed by LSL teachers to provide their peers with easily reusable ideas and best practices. In the case of Geroskipou A', they presented their project on webquests about London which, according to the LSL Awards jury, was “a model that can be replicated and provides a valuable framework for others”. Many LSL teachers have provided a positive feedback about the kit in the Community of Practice. The winning kit is available for download here.

Skevi also showcased their webquest project during the Advanced Schools Theme webinar on Collaborative Learning in November 2013. Watch the recording and the PPT presentation on the Snack bar section.

Students: designers of learning

Students are digital leaders in Geroskipou A’. “We have a group of students called ‘ICT experts’ who provide their views on how ICT should be use at school”, Skevi explains. Students also create their own learning resources and share them with their peers. “They are not only passive consumers, but also designers of their learning”, Skevi concludes.