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Join the LSL school network Join the LSL school network

Living Schools Lab teachers meetingSupporting schools to develop and implement whole school approaches to ICT in teaching and learning

Schools and teachers across Europe aspire to improve their use of ICT in teaching and learning. Both the opportunities and challenges are growing. The Living Schools Lab project is working with schools that have already effectively embedded ICT across the school to share and demonstrate their best practices. Within the project, schools from across 12 European countries exchange those best practices at pan-European and national level. Schools work together collaboratively on a number of topics, while working also on their individual development plans at their own pace.

The schools within the network benefit from:

  • Regional hubs – They serve as meeting points for schools from the same region. During the hub meetings (online and/or face-to-face) the teachers can develop the teaching practice through peer exchanges, learn of different school strategies and given examples.
  • Collaborative work around ICT themes – The current LSL schools work around six themes (incl. interactive technologies, 1:1 devices, and collaborative learning) and showcase their best practices for each.
  • Learning Snacks – These teacher training bites led by external experts or teachers themselves are a great way to discover new ideas, practices and inspiration for everyday teaching. The Learning Snacks take place as webinars and Twitter discussions online in English.

Living Schools Lab school in UK

  • The LSL training course for whole school development – Based on the project’s findings and recommendations, a full length training course will be available for school leaders interested to improve and strengthen their school’s ICT and change management strategies.
  • ICT audit – The LSL schools can complete an ICT audit and benchmark their school scores against the European/country-based averages.
  • Opportunity to become a LSL validation school – Part of the LSL schools will be invited to take part in validation studies or providing feedback on new technologies provided by European projects and industry partners.
  • Support for schools’ development plans – LSL case studies, findings and recommendations provide a firm starting point to any school wanting to set goals, plan strategies and take them into action.

Join the Living Schools Lab network now!

Become a member of a network of schools focused on developing innovative pedagogy embracing technology both inside and outside the classroom.

We are welcoming new schools and teachers to join the LSL network. To this end we invite you to:

  • Get registered at the LSL Community of Practice website
  • Take part in the regional hub meetings, please contact the National Coordinator in your country through the CoP
  • Discover the upcoming Learning Snacks and sign up for our webinars and Twitter discussions. These free events are open to all.
  • Take part in the ICT audit that will be launched in March 2014
  • Be the first to hear about and sign up to the LSL Collaborative School Development course to be launched for academic year 2014/2015.
  • Apply to become part of the validation schools (application will open in May/June 2014)