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ICT audit of Living Schools Lab network

An early task for the Living Schools Lab schools and teachers was to complete a short online survey about their ICT vision, access to ICT, attitudes to technology in schools, use of ICT and professional development. The aim was to benchmark the schools  against other schools nationally and in Europe using also indicators of a pan-European study "Survey of Schools: ICT in Education". 

First results show that, unsurprisingly, participants are heavy users of ICT, very positive about its value, and involved in innovation, for example 1:1 computing, online communication with parents, and assessment. On the other hand, they felt that more laptops and tablet computers are needed (and this in schools already relatively well equipped) and that building-design and classroom layout inhibit innovation. 

Areas that seem to be under-developed include BYOD, online professional development and peer-networking. Interestingly, compared to the average EU practitioner, LSL teachers felt less strongly that radical changes are needed for schools to fully exploit ICT, suggesting the LSL schools may well be already engaged in radical change? Time - and a series of interviews and case studies - will tell. The survey is to be repeated at intervals during the project.

The presentation below shows the main highlights of the ICT audit, compiled by Roger Blamire, Senior Manager Policies and Practice at European Schoolnet.