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CPDLab courses will be published soon - Sign up for the informative webinars

European Schoolnet CPDLab (Continuing Professional Development Lab) project is reaching its exciting conclusion, publishing in the early autumn the three courses designed for secondary schools across Europe. CPDLab develops and delivers training courses to help teachers get to grips with new technologies and pedagogies, and to unlock their full potential.

A series of open webinars will be held in September 2013 for people interested in learning more about the courses and their reusability. The webinars can be particularly useful for teachers trainers, their organisations, teacher associations and local authorities concerned about their teachers’ professional development.

The webinar dates are 5, 12 and 19 September, from 09:30 to 11:00 CEST each day. Find all the information and sign up for the webinars here.

About CPDLab project and courses

CPDLab project has developed different training courses to help teachers make better use of new technology in the classroom, engage students with technology to improve motivation and results, and explore possibilities in the training venue, European Schoolnet fully equipped Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. This summer 2013 has seen the provision of the first three training courses by CPDLab: Bringing eSafety into school policies and everyday teaching and learning; The pedagogical use of Interactive Whiteboard technologies in the classroom; and Future Classroom Scenarios: Adapting teaching and learning in the future classroom.

Each of the courses consists of ten modules that can be used independently and combined in different ways. This enables different learning pathways according to the need of different target groups. The courses have been designed in particular for teachers and trainers involved in CPD and they will be available for re-use and localisation (translation and adapting) by training providers, under a Creative Commons 3.0 licence. 

Find more information about the courses here.

New CPDLab course in 2014

Based on the positive feedback obtained, there will be a new training opportunity in spring 2014. The new course, Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice, has been already published in the Comenius in-service training database.

The course is aimed for secondary school teachers and will provide a very practical workshop-based experience to help teachers adapt their current pedagogical practice, and learn new tools and skills. It will run two times, in February and in March 2014.

The teachers from most European countries are able to apply for Comenius in-service training grants through their National Agency. Ask your National Agency for the national eligibility rules.

The deadline to apply for the Comenius grant is next 17 September. Find further information about the course and the pre-registration here. The reference on the Comenius in-service training database is: BE-2014-296-003.

More information on CPDLab is available on the project website