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Back to school - Time to revise your practice

Diana BannisterDiana Bannister, Living Schools Lab traveller who will visit all the Advanced Schools to observe and document best practice, is restarting her tour after well-deserved summer holidays. In September she will visit Czech Republic, Finland and France.

You can follow her journey through the observation visits blog. In her latest post, Diana challenges all teachers to start the new school year by thinking about what a great moment this is to start a new practice instead of the old one...

"Some schools have been back a few weeks already, but for others, you are just settling in for the start of the new term. New students means new routines, new names to learn (this can be a challenge for some!) and new curriculum topics. For some teachers it means new classrooms and it may even mean new schools. Something new inevitably leads to change, but it is fascinating just how much people like to keep certain things the same. ... The start of the year is always a good time to refocus and set yourself some goals. You've probably asked your students to do it and you should try to do the same."

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