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Regional hubs good practice - Tips on how to use video conference in teaching and learning
Regional hubs have proved to be a good place for teachers to share good practices and tips on how to incorporate the use of technology across the school curriculum. Latest example comes from the Irish regional hub, where Maria Broderick (Living Schools Lab teacher in Coláiste Bríde school, Dublin) led a webinar to showcase the best aspects of her classroom practice, which includes daily video conferencing with another school and a wide range of ICT tools and applications.
Maria Broderick teaches higher level Leaving Certificate Maths in Coláiste Bríde, an all-girls LSL Advanced School with 950 students. She connects her classroom daily, via video conference, with a school in a different district, where two additional students join her class to take higher level maths. Through 'live linking' all students actively participate in the class. 
Within her webinar, called “ICT and the Connected Maths Classroom”, Maria gave plenty of useful advice and tips on how to teach via video conference. She also shared information on the ICT tools that work for her and her students in their maths teaching and learning. The methods Maria described could be used by any teacher, not just maths teachers, who wish to engage their students and connect classrooms.

Useful advice and easily replicable ideas 

The Irish teachers attending the webinar found the tools and links shared by Maria Broderick very useful. They showed their interest in replicating some of her good practices within their own classrooms. “Really interesting to see how using ICT in such innovative ways has enhanced the teaching and learning of maths and also created real life friendships for Maria’s students”, commented Gráinne, one of the attendees.
Do you want to learn more about how to teach via video conference? Please, watch Maria Broderick’s webinar below: