Webinar: ICT in education Webinar: ICT in education

Survey of Schools: ICT in Education

Webinar, 23 May 2013

The webinar looked into the results of the recently published pan-European survey "Survey of Schools: ICT in Education".

For starters

The objective of the Survey of Schools: ICT in Education is to benchmark progress in 31 countries (EU27, Iceland, Norway, Croatia and Turkey) in ICT in education by surveying students, head teachers and teachers on the availability and use, including opinions and attitudes, of ICT in schools. The survey was funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media Directorate General. 

The focus of the study is on developing indicators, and gathering and analysing data on students’ use, competence, and attitudes to ICT. The main areas of investigation were:

  • Students' digital competence and attitudes towards ICT
  • Students' ICT use in /out of classroom
  • Teachers' professional ICT use in/out of classroom
  • Teachers’ attitudes towards pedagogical ICT use
  • School infrastructure, connectivity and ICT access
  • School leadership in ICT and ICT for pedagogy

Source: www.eun.org/observatory/surveyofschools

Main course - Webinar recording

The Webinar took place on 23 May 2013.


More information

European Schoolnet will publish monthly a Briefing Paper to present the findings of the Survey of Schools: ICT in Education. 

The first issue of our European Schoolnet Observatory is on the 'teacher effect' on the use of ICT in the classroom. 

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The webinar was led by Roger Blamire, Senior Manager, Policy and Practice at European Schoolnet.