Webinar: Social media in the classroom Webinar: Social media in the classroom

Social Media (and Shakespeare) in the Classroom

12 December 2013

This Learning Snack focuses on the use of social media use in classroom.

Dr. Bastian Pelka (University of Dortmund) will explain in his webinar why social media are important and why they should be integrated in education. He will also give some inspiring examples for actual classroom teaching with social media.

For starters

A short introduction to the topic: 

More information: www.learn2teach.eu

Main course - Webinar recording

The webinar took place on Wednesday 12 December 2013. You can watch here the webinar recording and presentation.




More information

Dr. Bastian Pelka is co-ordinator at Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund, a Central Scientific Institute of Technische Universit├Ąt Dortmund, Germany. His research topics are social media, eInclusion, school-labour market transition and social innovation. 

He is co-ordinator of the LLP funded project “Learn to teach by social web” (L2T), which is developing a vocational training module for teachers who want to use social media in their classroom teaching.