Webinar: 1:1 devices Webinar: 1:1 devices

1:1 Devices

Webinar, 18 December 2013

1:1 Devices is an area of growing interest. Some schools have implemented devices across one or more year groups. There are several schools that are only just beginning to consider such technologies and the challenges that emerge when trying to provide access across the school.

The Advanced Schools working on this LSL topic will share during the webinar some examples of how devices are getting in the traditional process of teaching and learning in the various curricular activities and how they are changing the school.

They will speak about these tools, among others:

  • Apps for iPads: Moleskine Journal, Book creator
  • Sprint: helping students with learning-disabilities
  • GIMME: Communication with parents



For starters

Please check out the summary-videos the LSL Advanced Schools have created to showcase how they use iPads in different courses. 

1) Leefschool De Klare Bron - De Grasmus


2) Istituto Comprensivo di Cadeo  


More information

The webinar showcased some of the work done by the Theme group on Collaborative Learning. The following speakers will take the floor: 

Leefschool De Klare Bron - De Grasmus

Hans Van Gelder is a teacher in leefschool De Grasmus in Leuven (Belgium).
He teaches in the last grade of this primary school.
He stimulates pupils to use new technologies to achieve their goals.
IT is one of his interest points.



Cindy Persoons is a teacher in the first grade of the primary school De Klare Bron in Heverlee (Belgium).
She is also ICT-coach for De Grasmus and De Klare Bron.
She supports the teachers to integrate IT-technologies in their classes.





Istituto Comprensivo di Cadeo
Giovanna Rosi  graduated at Parma University with a degree in foreign literatures and soon afterwards she started working in a firm dealing with telecommunications as an executive secretary. Meanwhile, she qualified as a teacher, through a state examination, and started to attend some lectures and take exams at the Faculty of Psychology in Parma. She started working as a permanent primary teacher in 2001, in Modena and she was in charge of some research about learning difficulties. After 3 years she moved to Istituto Comprensivo di Cadeo where she works at present. She is a member of the school staff and she is particularly concerned with teachers training. She is currently teaching 10 year old pupils.