Webinar: ICT and teaching literature Webinar: ICT and teaching literature

Good practice: how can technology support the teaching of literature?

  • Webinar
  • Tuesday 28 January, 7 pm CET

Motivating young students to the study of literature can be very difficult at times. Old literary texts are rarely appealing for teenagers who are used to the world of Internet and television. Nevertheless technology can give the teacher a great help, integrating old things with modern ones.

Taking inspiration from the movietrailers, booktrailers are a way to involve young people in the reading and in-depth analysis of books using tools they’re much more acquainted with.

The webinar is led by Raffaella Fiorini, an English teacher at the Liceo Classico “Chris Cappell College” Anzio, Italy. 

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The webinar took place on Tuesday 28 January




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The webinar will be delivered by Raffaella Fiorini.

Raffaella Fiorini teaches English at Liceo Classico “Chris Cappell College” Anzio, Italy where she is also a member of the ICT project team. She has taken part in various European projects on the use of technology in the classroom. She has been case study teacher for the iTEC project run by European Schoolnet for which she was also awarded the 2013 European Language Label. Raffaella Fiorini has been a teacher trainer since 2007.