Webinar: Digital content and textbooks Webinar: Digital content and textbooks

Digital content and digital textbooks

  • Webinar
  • 27 February 2014, 6PM CET

As schools take ownership of their virtual content, the desire for more personalised materials grows. This has led to some of the Advanced Schools within the network taking responsibility for developing their own digital content.

However, this has to meet the needs of the students and staff, but must also provide the quality and rigour that is demanded. What types of digital content are schools creating? Who creates the content in schools? How can we quality assure the content that is provided by the teachers?

Maria Teresa Godinho: "In this webinar I will show you some of the work of our AS focus group. I will tell you about the use of Virtual School, some free APPS that can be used namely Mathematics 4.0 and Geogebra. I will also tell you about some ebooks made by students". 

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The webinar was delivered by some teachers of the AS schools:

Maria Teresa Godinho is a Mathematics teacher in “Eça de Queirós” secondary school in Lisbon, Portugal. In the past 12 years she was part of the board of this secondary school, as assistant Director, and helped with the implementation and the development of ICT all across the school. This school has been considered as outstanding and is always receiving groups of visitors teachers, forwarded by the ministry of education, from all over the world. The target of these visits has always been to set up contact with the Portuguese educational system, the pedagogical practices and the way technologies are applied in the school. 

Daniela Di Giuseppe - ITIS Majorana School.Born in 1952 in Brindisi (Italy), Daniela has been teaching English, History and Literature in different high schools for over 40 years. She is co-author of the English Book in Progress CLIL teacher in Bari and expert in adult instruction and innovative teaching methods. She has produced multimedia material for ENI and the Louvre and several Learning Objects. She is interested in literature, music, art and theatre.


Marcela Řeháková is a teacher of English and Social Sciences. She is deputy headmaster of Gymnázium Teplice (Czech Republic).