Webinar: Doing social maths Webinar: Doing social maths

Doing Social Maths, Using Social Media

  • Webinar
  • Tuesday 29 April 2014, 7PM CEST

As part of the Living Schools Lab continuous development opportunities, Stuart Mitchell, teacher trainer and sociology lecturer at Gloucestershire College (UK) will lead an online webinar on "Doing Social Maths, Using Social Media”. He will show several examples of how the use of social media can offer links between different classes and different levels, offering support and creating communities of practice that would not have previously existed.

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More information

Stuart Mitchell works for Gloucestershire College, a large provider of 'post-compulsory' education in the South West region of England. He is a lecturer in Teacher Training and Sociology, and is currently developing a range of of courses to promote and improve online and blended learning in the sector. Stuart is currently engaged in the Comenius project 'Learn 2 Teach by Social Web', designing an online curriculum for the use of social media in education.