Webinar: ICT audit 2014 Webinar: ICT audit 2014

What do innovative schools look like? Headlines from the 2014 audit survey

  • Webinar
  • Tuesday 9 September 2014, 7PM CEST
  • Target group: LSL partners, teachers and head teachers, policy-makers 

In this session some of the key findings from surveys completed recently by principals and teachers in the Living Schools Lab project will be presented for discussion, including:
• School policies and strategies for innovation
• Technology provision and classroom activities
• Types of professional development
• Differing perceptions and opinions of principals and teachers
• How the results for Living Schools compare to the typical school in Europe, using comparable data gathered in the 2013 Survey of Schools: ICT in Education (http://essie.eun.org).

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The webinar will be led by Roger Blamire, Senior Manager, Policy and Practice at European Schoolnet.