Webinar: 21st Century skills Webinar: 21st Century skills

Rethinking teaching and learning with 21st Century Skills

  • Webinar
  • Monday 22 September 2014, 7PM CEST
  • Target group: LSL Project partners, policy-makers, school leaders, teacher trainers, LSL teachers

In this webinar Maria Teresa Godinho will introduce some of the key concepts of 21st century skills. She will show some of the work developed with her students. She will demonstrate how she applied new methods and new technologies in the classroom and show how the students acquired new skills.

Maria Teresa Godinho says that by using technologies in the classroom, students have the opportunity to construct their knowledge. Students are more engaged in solving problems and overcoming hurdles when they work collaboratively, and so they develop their sense of responsibility, self-efficacy and curiosity. The more interesting the tasks are, the more engaged they get.


Main course

Maria Teresa Godinho is a Mathematics teacher in Eça de Queirós secondary school in Lisbon, Portugal. In the past 12 years she was part of the direction of this secondary school, as Assistant Director, and helped in the implementation and the development of ICT all across the school.

Maria Teresa Godinho has a personal taste on new technologies. As a teacher she is always looking toward the future, and is always trying out new features in the classroom in order not to be outdated and to contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning.


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