Webinar: Mindcrawler Webinar: Mindcrawler

Mindcrawler - EEG controls Lego robots

  • Webinar
  • Monday 15 September 2014, 7PM CEST
  • Target group: LSL teachers, STEM teachers 

Researchers have demonstrated that when humans use brain-computer interfaces, the brain behaves much like it does when completing simple motor skills such as kicking a ball, typing or waving a hand. Learning to control a robotic arm or a prosthetic limb could become second nature for people who are paralyzed.

In this webinar Hermann Morgenbesser will show the basics of the interaction between brain and robots using an EEG interface. A Lego robot (NXT) will be remotely present and controlled by EEG using the internet. 

For Starters

4-3-2-1 mindCrawler from FlyinGizm0 on Vimeo.


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Hermann Morgenbesser works in Klosterneuburg International School. He teaches Computer Science, Statistics, Digital Business and he leads the ICT Management Department in his school. Hermann Morgenbesser is engaged in different EUN Projects like Living Schools Lab, Scientix, iTEC, Ingenious..