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Collaboration and Sharing in an Online Community

26 September 2013

Professional development for teachers and staff members nowadays takes place in virtual networks. Online communities are in fact the extended Teachers' Room where pedagogical ideas are shared.

eTwinning is the largest community for teachers in Europe with 200.000 members registered. The first aim of eTwinning is to set up collaboration projects with students. However, Professional Development for teachers is also high on the agenda. eTwinning facilitates in different ways life long learning for teachers.

Based on her experience as a Discussion Group Leader in the eTwinning network, Irene Pateraki will deliver a webinar to share tips and tricks about collaboration and sharing in an online community.

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Main course - Webinar recording

The Webinar took place on 26 September 2013.



More information

The webinar was led by Irene Pateraki.

Irene Pateraki is a Greek kindergarten teacher, working for the National Support Service of eTwinning in Greece for the past 3 years. She has organized online courses for European and Greek teachers, as well as several workshops and trainings.

Since 2010 she is the administrator of one of the eTwinning groups, Creative Classroom, a community of European teachers. Teachers of this group have the opportunity to take part in expert talks, online activities, competitions and to share their work with their colleagues.

Have a look at the outcomes of some of the eTwinning community groups led by Irene Pateraki: