Webinar: Interactive technologies Webinar: Interactive technologies

Interactive Technologies

28 October 2013

In the webinar teachers from Czech Republic, Austria and Belgium share good practice in using interactive technologies in their schools. They cover topics like interactive whiteboards, Moodle or similar virtual learning environments, the use of iPads etc.

For starters

Watch the video. What is for you the most important reason to integrate technology in your teaching practice?



Main course - Webinar recording and presentation

The webinar took place on Monday 28 October. The recording can be viewed here:

 Find here the presentation:


More information

The webinar will showcase some of the work done by the LSL Theme group on Interactive Technologies. There will be 3 speakers taking the floor:

Petra Bohackova

... a teacher in ZS Dr. E. Benese, Prague, Czech republic
... teaches Physics, English, Environmental education
... is interested in technology
... takes care of 32 iPads

Manfred Fleck

... primary school teacher in VS Gutenberg, Styria, Austria
... school with 64 pupils in four grades
... we use interactive whiteboards, iPads and a small Moodle platform

Philip Everaerts

... teacher and ICT coordinator from Middenschool Ypres, Belgium
... interested in technology
... school with 9 interactive whiteboards, 20 iPads, 50 computers