Webinar: Collaborative learning Webinar: Collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning

28 November 2013

In this snackbar Advanced Schools teachers will share good practice in using collaborative learning in their schools. During the webinar the speakers will talk about ways to organize the classroom to facilitate new ways of collaborating. They will also cover their experiences using tools like Weebly, Edmodo, Socrative and Class Dojo, among others.

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Have you tried out this tool to organize group work and formative assessment during collaborative learning?

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The webinar took place on Thursday 28 November at 6pm CET (Brussels time)





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The webinar will showcase some of the work done by the Theme group on Collaborative Learning. The following speakers will take the floor:

Skevi Demetriou is a teacher at the Geroskipou A' Primary School in Paphos - Cyprus and also a researcher in the area of Education with ICT and Neuroscience. 

She has completed a Ph.D. (2011) at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Bristol in the UK (Title of thesis: Computer-based learning games involving chance-based uncertainty: An approach in the interdisciplinary area of NeuroEducation). In 2007 she was awarded with an M.Ed. in Research Methods from the University of Bristol and in 2006 she obtained an M.Sc. in Education, Technology and Society from the same university. Her undergraduate studies were on Instructional Science and in 2005 she obtained her B.Sc. from the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus.

Her research interests include teaching and learning using ICT with an emphasis on the motivation of the learner. 

Virginija Bireniene is a Lithuanian Physics expert teacher. She works at Klaipeda Simon Dach pro-gymnasium and Centre for IT in Education of the Ministry of Education and Science in Lithuania. She has participated in a number of EU-funded projects on ICT implementation in education e.g. INSPIRE, eQNet, iTEC (Lithuanian technological coordinator and moderator of teacher community), LSL (lead of AS1 school), CCL (lead teacher). 

She often works as teacher trainer in Lithuanian teacher CPD seminars.

Xavier Garnier is a mathematics teacher in LP2I innovative and international French school. He is involved in several researches in education at different levels, from European classes teaching to school work presentations for officials and school inspectors.

His main interests are :

  • bringing maths into real life (in collaboration with Poitiers’ IREM research institut in maths); 
  • Project Based Learning (helping transforming separated curriculum modules into interdisciplinary projects at school level);
  • Collaborative Learning in a one-to-one device ICT environment (inside the school « Living Cloud » project).

Aurika Jonauskiene is a teacher of English in Kaunas ‘Varpelis’ Primary school. She teaches young learners of 8-11 years old. She is interested in using technologies in the classroom and doing projects using web 2.0 tools.