Webinar: Building a Flexible Learning Space Webinar: Building a Flexible Learning Space

A little bit of Magic in the Future Classroom

Building a Flexible Learning Space

4 December 2013

Since the very start in January 2012 the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels has been a source of inspiration for teachers, school boards, policy makers and industrial partners. In many schools all over Europe schools take the initiative to build flexible learning spaces.

One of the visitors who came into action after her visit to the FCL in Brussels is the Croatian teacher Arjana Blazic from Zagreb. In her school she successfully managed to build a Future Classroom. This classroom will not only transform learning processes for students. The Future Classroom has become a driving force for Continuous Development for the teachers of the school.

In her webinar she explains how a Future Classroom can bring magic to a school.

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Main course - Webinar recording

The webinar took place on 4 December 2013. Access here the webinar recording.


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The main course will be a webinar delivered by Arjana Blazic.

Arjana Blazic is a high school English and German teacher from Zagreb, Croatia. She is an avid user of web 2.0 technologies and a lifelong learner with a strong passion for travel. She is the coordinator of the pilot project Samsung Smart School in the newly opened Croatian Future Classroom at her school, IX. gimnazija. She has organized and participated in many international projects and school exchanges. She is co-founder of the award-winning OER portal Moja matura and author of the award-winning wiki Greetings from the world, which connects teachers and students from across six continents.

Arjana speaks at conferences, hosts teachmeets and leads workshops and webinars. She is a teacher trainer, educational technology consultant and leader of CPD courses. She blogs in English and in Croatian. Her Twitter handle is @abfromz.