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Lithuania, Vilnius Vyturus primary school

Lithuania, Vilnius Vyturus primary school: Vilnius Vyturus primary school is the LSL Best Video...

Portugal, Escola Secundária da Portela

Portugal, Escola Secundária da Portela: Technology across school professional development.

Ireland, Scoil na gCeithre Máistrí

Ireland, Scoil na gCeithre Máistrí: Training in the use of ICT in the context of teaching and...

Italy, Scuola primaria MARCONI di Roncaglia - start a blog

Italy, Scuola primaria MARCONI di Roncaglia - start a blog: This is the story of how Scuola...

Cyprus, postcard video

Cyprus, postcard video: General topic: Strategy, policy; CPD; Subtopics: VLE, Collaborative...

Portugal, Classroom example of using ICT to teach geometry 2 (MaTeresa)

Portugal, Classroom example of using ICT to teach geometry 2 (MaTeresa): The second example from...

Lithuania, Panevezys Juozas Miltinis gymnasium

Lithuania, Panevezys Juozas Miltinis gymnasium: This school used 1:1 devices during various...

France, Primary school-college link:

France, Primary school-college link: This project was created to make the link between primary...

Ireland, Postcard video

Ireland, Postcard video: Strategy, policy; CPD; VLE

UK, Broadclyst Community Primary School

UK, Broadclyst Community Primary School: strategy, policy; 1:1 devices; collaboration

Finland, Advanced Schools

Finland, Advanced Schools: At Wäinö Aaltonen school all teachers use internet-based learning...

Italy, IC G.Mariti, Fauglia

Italy, IC G.Mariti, Fauglia: "My turn to teach" is about peer learning

Lithuania, Klaipeda Gedminu pagrindine mokykla

Lithuania, Klaipeda Gedminu pagrindine mokykla: 1:1 devices, Digital contents and digital...

Portugal, MaTeresa 1

Portugal, MaTeresa 1: Classroom example of using ICT to teach geometry 1

Cyprus, Primary Schools Hub

Cyprus, Primary Schools Hub: | ICT expert students teach other students and their teachers!

Czech Republic, Teplice regional hub - iPads

Czech Republic, Teplice regional hub - iPads: | 1:1 Devices

Belgium, postcard

Belgium, postcard: 1:1 devices; collaborative learning; VLE

Italy, IC Gramsci-Rodari, Sestu Sardinia

Italy, IC Gramsci-Rodari, Sestu Sardinia: Strategy, policy, CPD, 1:1 devices

France, Bringing a school blog to life

France, Bringing a school blog to life: This school decided to use teaching scenarios for written...

Lithuania, Kaunas Varpelis primary school

Lithuania, Kaunas Varpelis primary school: In this video you will watch step by step how Kaunas...

LSL Practice videos LSL Practice videos

In this section you can find a collection of videos demonstrating good practices on successful embedding of ICT in teaching and learning on different levels in schools - both primary and secondary schools. The first set of videos provides school level examples from six LSL Advanced Schools.

Videos Videos
AS - Istituto Comprensivo di Cadeo. Italy

ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO DI CADEO: Istituto Comprensivo di Cadeo, located in the province of Piacenza (North Italy) has more than 1300 students. As a Territorial Service Center, it has been involved in assistive technologies for disabilities and dyslexia for ten years, and participates in the project “Classroom 2.0”.


AS - Klaipedos Simono Dacho progimnazija, Lithuania

KLAIPEDOS SIMONO DACHO PROGIMNAZIJA: Located in the city of Klaipėda, this Lithuanian school has its own ICT usage strategy, with a wide and diverse application across the curriculum. Technology is integrated into a variety of subjects and non-formal education since 2005.

AS - Wäinö Aaltonen School, Finland

WÄINÖ AALTONEN SCHOOL: Wäinö Aaltonen School, in Turku (Finland), has a long experience using ICT as an innovative way to develop new practices. They encourage their more than 440 students to take responsibility for their own learning by finding out information on the Internet and sharing it with their classmates.

AS - Shireland Collegiate Academy, UK

SHIRELAND COLLEGIATE ACADEMY: Established in September 2007, Shireland Collegiate Academy is situated in Smethwick, West Midlands (United Kingdom). They have a national reputation for the use of technology in education and are one of a handful of schools in the UK to be supported by Microsoft.

AS - ITIS Majorana Brindisi, Secondary School, Italy

ITIS MAJORANA, BRINDISI: ITIS Majorana (Brindisi) is well-known in Italy because of their flagship project: the “Book in progress”. The project, which aims to produce digital resources that replace the old textbooks, started in 2007 and has progressively involved more than 30 schools in the whole country.

AS - Eça de Queirós Secondary School, Portugal

ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA EÇA DE QUEIRÓS:  Escola Secundária Eça de Queirós, located in Lisbon (Portugal), has made a great investment in ICT for the last decade. Its constant commitment in the implementation and development of information technologies has enable families and society in general to be involved in the students learning process.

AS - Geroskipou A' Primary School, Cyprus

GEROSKIPOU A' PRIMARY SCHOOL: This school, which has more than 340 pupils, is located in the Cypriot coast. The integration of ICT in the teaching and learning process is one of their priorities and a basic goal of the school’s vision and overall strategy.

AS - Kaunas Varpelis Primary School, Lithuania

KAUNAS VARPELIS PRIMARY SCHOOL: This Lithuanian school, which has been implementing ICT in the learning process for the last ten years, was one of the first primary schools in Kaunas that introduced an electronic journal, created a database of IT teaching material and installed multimedia projectors in all the classrooms.

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